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"Naturyl" is the creator and managing editor of Synthesis. He has studied philosophy independently since 1998, specializing in skepticism, dialectics, and Eastern philosophical traditions. He has made significant contributions to the development of "dialectical monism," a term for the idea that Nature is a unity which is always expressed in terms of complementary opposition, leading to a diversity of appearances. Dialectical monism has been called "an affirmative formulation of non-dualism."

His primary philosophical influences include Heraclitus, Hegel, Wittgenstein, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, and R. Buckminster Fuller. He has a strong interest in progressive philosophy, science, and futurism, holding the view that progress is inherent to the nature of change and will result in continued human advancement to a post-Darwinian state of being and beyond.

Naturyl formerly served as Outreach Director for the Universal Pantheist Society, a 501(c) non-profit religious organization founded in 1975. He lives in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. For purposes of freedom of expression, he prefers to use a pseudonym (screen name) for most online activities.