List of Articles

The Nature of Existence
Dan Rowden

Summary: Video Article: Independent philosoper Dan Rowden discusses existence and consciousness, concluding with an examination of the self.

The Universal Dialectic

Summary: Proposes a fundamental principle of unified duality and links it to humanist concepts of progress and advancement.

The Black Box
Trevor Salyzyn

Summary: Surveys the scope of the artificial intelligence problem, and how it is inextricably tied to all aspects of philosophy.

Exploring The Future-Knowledge Aspect Of Omniscience
Laird Shaw

Summary: Discusses the problem of reconciling omniscience in the case of deities with ideas of perfection and free will.

Some Philosophical Problems With Christianity, And A Proposed Solution
Laird Shaw

Summary: Highlights problems with traditional Christian doctrines and attempts to resolve them through a dualistic framework.

The Tao of Physicalism

Summary: Argues that an epistemically-oriented physicalism is consistent with properly-interpreted Eastern "mystical" views.

Freedom, Capitalism, and Work

Summary: Re-examines the work ethic in Western culture, and discusses the coercive nature of modern capitalist society.

Dialectics 101

Summary: A basic introduction to dialectics and dialectical monism for general readers. Draws conclusions consistent with progressivism.

A Hypothesis of Circular Causality

Summary: Proposes a model for Nietzsche-style "eternal recurrence" based on the Transactional Interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Taming the Multiverses

Summary: Speculates that discrete multiverse "levels" within Max Tegmark's "ultimate ensemble theory" may be amenable to unification.